Rule makers

All our forum users, players on servers or social hang arounds are of course important. Some are more important than others though…

GKIF (Gubbklubben Ideella förening) is a class of players who have shown extraordinary dedication to our crusade, are loyal players on our servers and very active on our forum and other social platforms, including real life social gatherings. GKIF is the core of our community, the members of Gubbklubben IF. From this selection of people we find the ones who are willing to help administer servers and other tasks that a community like this needs to have done.

GK. If you got what it takes as an GKIF, become personal friend with several of the current GK you might become a GK after a few years. There is no way to apply to become a GK and promotion to GK happens very seldom.

As you can see it is a complicated process with many steps. If you have what it takes you will have lots of fun during the process. If not – perhaps you were not right for this… The complicated selection process has contributed to our longevity where we still have fun after more than a decade.

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